Mud4Blood 2014 - April 12th

Each year the GBR4wd Club hosts one of the biggest blood drives on Life South's calendar... Mud4Blood.  We bring together people from all over the Atlanta and North Georgia area to have fun, check out each others vehicles, participate in a giant raffles AND donate blood to help those in need in our area. 

This year's event will be on April 12th at Adventure Outdoors, 2500 S. Cobb Drive, Smyrna, GA 30080...  This is a new venue for us and we are looking to amp it up once again.  Last we we collected over 140 units of blood in just a few hours.  Because of the way the blood can be utilized, this allowed as many as 140 lives to be saved through the generous donations of our participants. 

Not only that, but we had vehicles rolling through our parking lot ranging from highly modified Jeep Wranglers and Monster Fords to a seriously clean and VERY stock 69 Charger 440 6 Pack.  That's right... you don't need a 4wd to participate, and in fact, if you drag out the street rod, hot rod, resto or bike you will find a VERY excited base of folks to check out your machine. 

Visit for more info. 

Join the GBR

There are a few hoops to jump through. But only a few... In order to join the GBR, you need to:

  • Attend two meetings
  • Attend two trail rides (you need to come to a meeting prior to trail riding).

That's it? Well.. kind of. There are also some rules that you need to follow when it comes to trail riding:

  • Your rig needs to be safe... and we have a safety/equipment list for trail riding.
  • You need to be safe... we don't allow drinking on the trails, among other things.
  • We maintain a family friendly environment.
  • We follow the principles of TreadLightly.

Of course there are a few more specific rules, but that is enough to give you a really good idea of what we are about. If we sound like the kind of group you are interested in joining, contact us. We'd love to hear from you. Shoot an email to our Membership Director: membership[at]gbr4wd[dot]com

Sorry for not putting a clickable link. This cuts down on spam and ensures we get your email.

GBR News


GBR made the 11Alive News during the Jan 2011 snow storm

Member of the Moment

Join a Club

We are a family-oriented club, promoting responsible off-road recreation and we adhere to the tenets of Tread Lightly. We also belong to UFWDA (United Four Wheel Drive Association) and SFWDA (Southern Four Wheel Drive Association). By joining with other off-road enthusiasts, we can protect our access rights to public land as well as recreational opportunities on private lands. We invite other like minded enthusiasts to join us, or other 4wd clubs in order to not only enjoy new friendships, but to protect our hobby. We recommend joining a club that is a member of SFWDA and/or UFWDA.

Also check out the Georgia Bounty Runners (GBR) on Facebook, click here to become a fan.

Winter Madness 2005

Ric and Lynn Barton joined the GBR in 1999. They had long been looking for a family-oriented 4x4 club to join with their children Casey, Kira and Conner. The GBR fit that bill perfectly. They met many of the club members on a "wild cat" ride lead by Jay Bird at Rich Mountain. They knew immediately this was a group they would enjoy being part of. Since then they have made many close friends through the club and become part of the family that is the GBR.


They came to the club with a pretty much bone-stock 1996 Jeep Cherokee which was Ric's second. Within 2 months they had added 4.

5 inches of lift, 31 inch MTs and a host of other doodads. The intial build-up was just in time for their first "Winter Madness" with the club. The group was blessed with a nice snow storm that really made the weekend. Within a couple of years their XJ grew to 6.5 inches of lift and 33 inch tires and has held steady there for the most part.

Finishing run on Lower 2 at Tellico OHV

Ric and Lynn are part of the GBR "camper club". This is a small group where the husbands have done what is needed to ensure their wives continue to ride with them on the trails by providing a comfortable place to come home to during camp-out trail rides weekends. Lynn really earned this though, having spent their 13th wedding anniversary in a tent on Tellico's Trail 8 so they wouldn't miss that month's trail ride.


Having served on the GBR Board of Directors numerous times, Ric and Lynn consider it an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to be able to give back a small portion of what this club-family has given to them over the years.

The latest chapter in their life within the GBR is the newly formed GBR2 (squared) or "Georgia Bike Riders". This is a group of folks within the club that enjoy getting out in nature on two wheels in addition to the usual four. With the spike in fuel prices in 2008, many of the club members found that this was the most economic way to get together and keep heading out into the woods when trail closings and soaring fuel costs kept their trail rigs at home.

Working Registration at Dixie Run 2008

The most recent addition to the Barton's off-road family is their daughter Kira's 2000 Jeep Cherokee. She worked hard, saved and bought this XJ herself. Ric couldn't have been more proud!

In addition to a couple of "trail molded" doors, here are the current specs of Ric and Lynn's 1996 Jeep Cherokee:

33x12.50 BFG MTs, Super 35 rear with Detroit, Lil ol' Dana 30 with TruTrack up front; 4.56s; Warn HS9500i; Rusty's 6.5" lift, adjustable UCAs, skid plates, K&N Air Tube, & other odds-n-ends. - GBR2 - Mongoose Wing Comp Pro, 26-Inch MTB 70 millimeters of travel :-)

Check Out A Meeting






The GBR4WD Club holds a business meeting on the first Saturday of each month.

Most of our meetings are at the Fuddrucker's on Windy Hill Rd in Marietta near I-75.

Meetings start at 7:00pm, with dinner to follow around 8:00.

Most of us hang out a while to chat after the business portion is finished.